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The Darwinists are at it again, censoring out things not supportive of their world view.  As misleading as usual, they are telling anyone in the media who will listen and report that the dastardly conservative Christians on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) are trying to "insert strengths and weaknesses" language into the Texas science standards. They are wrong on the science and the standards.

The "strengths and weaknesses" language of the Texas TEKS has been in place since at least the 1990's, and in other forms, the 1980's! 

Nonetheless, the Darwinists have now stripped "strengths and weaknesses" language from the proposed TEKS.  We urgently need each of you to politely write your SBOE members (here) to ask them to reject the Darwinists' evolution-as-fact language and retain the strengths and weaknesses language. (Details in "Citizen Involvement" section below.)

Thank you!

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"A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts on both sides of each question..." - Charles Darwin in Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life

Guest Editorial by Ken Mercer--Mr. Mercer is a former member of the Texas Legislature, has degrees in Biology and Business, represents District 5 (San Antonio area) on the State Board of Education, and is a member of Governor Perry's Homeland Security Council.


I want to present the other side of the State Board of Education's debate on teaching scientific strengths and "weaknesses" of evolutionary theory in future textbooks.

The Texas Freedom Network (TFN), an ultra-liberal advocacy group, funded and published the research study quoted by the Express-News.

Using political "red herrings," TFN testifiers incorrectly implied teaching scientific weaknesses is a new requirement. They argued that allowing discussion of weaknesses would lead to teaching religion and subsequent litigation.

The fact is Texas has allowed teaching scientific weaknesses in science textbooks for the last 20 years. In that period of time, not one lawsuit was filed; and for the record, the teaching of creationism and intelligent design is not found in any current textbook adopted by the State of Texas.

TFN's real agenda may be illustrated in this consistent, three-fold testimony to the State Board of Education: (1) Evolution is a fact; (2) there are no weaknesses to that theory; and (3) students are "unqualified" to ask questions.

Is evolution a fact? Most people of faith agree with what is commonly referred to as "micro" evolution," small changes that are clearly visible. We see this in new vaccines and new strains of flu. You can witness evidence of microevolution downtown in any city via the thousands of varieties of stray dogs and cats.
The controversial "macro" evolution was commonly understood as those major changes that could occur if one species jumped to another. For example, have you ever seen a dog-cat, or a cat-rat? The most famous example of macroevolution is the Darwinian "man from an ancestral primate."

Realizing the weakness in macroevolution, Darwinists changed the meaning. Whatever their new definition, where is the evidence for one species changing to another?

Are there weaknesses to the theory of evolution? I asked the testifiers at the SBOE meeting about Dr. Ernst Haeckel's embryo drawings, which appeared in science textbooks for almost 100 years. His drawings implied that a fish, salamander, turtle, pig, etc. - each had almost the identical embryology of a human.

When I redirected the question, the testifiers admitted that Darwinist Haeckel was a fraud and that his "research" should never have appeared in textbooks. But it did.

The famous "missing link," the Piltdown man, survived scientific method and peer review for almost 40 years. Finally someone was allowed to ask a question and found a weakness. This missing link was really the jawbone of an orangutan fused to a human skull. British Broadcasting called this the greatest scientific fraud of the 20th century.

The third part of the liberal agenda is most troubling. How can anyone state that students are "unqualified" to ask questions?

I consistently argued for freedom of speech and academic freedom. The opposition publicly argued against these freedoms.

In the 19th century, William Wilberforce, the focus of the recent biographical movie "Amazing Grace," argued against the intellectual elite of Great Britain. He is credited with ending the racist English nightmare known as the "Black Slave Trade."

History is not kind to Darwinian evolutionists who push their theory as truth, no weaknesses and no questions allowed. In this 21st Century, scientific research that opposes academic freedom will never pass any "smell test."

I stand for students who will always ask questions and search for truth.
An agenda that opposes both freedom of speech and academic freedom is unpatriotic, un-American, and unscientific.


State School Board Elections!
All conservative incumbents won handily, in spite of being massively outspent by money raised out of district by ultra liberal groups.

Your Assistance Needed on Three Fronts! - We have an urgent need for assistance in three areas.  First, please take a few minutes now to write a politely worded letter of support to the State Board of Education encouraging them to keep the "scientific strengths and weaknesses" language that has served Texas well for TWENTY YEARS without a single legal challenge.  You might also point out one or two of your favorite weaknesses of evolution theories--there are so many to choose from!  Email the Board at Other contact information is located here.

Second, please take a minute and sign our "Teach Both Strengths AND WEAKNESSES of Evolution Petition" here.  It will only take 30 seconds and will help counter the Darwinist dogma that no one questions evolution.  Forward to a friend as well!

Third, mark January 21, 2009 on your calendar.  This is the day public testimony will be taken before the full State Board of Education in Austin.  It is especially important that you consider testifying if you are a teacher or have Ph.D. credentials.  For more information, see:

Thank You!
Origin.Of.Species.smallerThe Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.  While we certainly do not agree with Sir Charles, any study of evolution should include his landmark book.  Don't forget to read the two full chapters where he himself raises "difficulties" and "objections"--most of which remain to this day.   Other weaknesses of evolution are spread throughout the book.

Darwin also famously noted that "...I am well aware that scarcely a single point is discussed in this volume on which facts cannot be adduced, often apparently leading to conclusions directly opposite to those at which I have arrived."

Note that an inescapable result of unbridled naturalistic Darwinism is racism, which he wrote more about in The Descent of Man.
A belief in Darwinism has supported evil since the 1800s.  Numerous totalitarian regimes have found justification in murderous policies--finding comfort that violence is justified in the "struggle for survival" or "survival of the fittest" sense. 

The Subtitle of Darwin's book (nearby) is "By Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life".

Origin.Racism.smallerFriedrich Engels, a contemporary of Karl Marx, wrote Marx shortly after Darwin's publication and said, "Darwin, whom I am just now reading, is splendid."

Karl Marx reportedly wrote back to Engels, "This is the book which contains the basis in natural history for our view."  A few weeks later he wrote to Lassalle, "Darwin's book is very important and serves me as a basis in natural science for the class struggle in history."

Marx later sent a personally inscribed copy of his most important book, Das Kapital, to Darwin, stating in his own penmanship that he was a "sincere admirer".

There are MANY more examples.  Benjamin Wiker's book "Moral Darwinism" can be ordered from Amazon
here.  John West's book, "Darwin Day in America," also addresses some of these issues and may be ordered from Amazon here.
Censorship"Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed":  If you didn't see it in theaters, be sure to get the DVD.  It would also make a great teacher gift to your favorite biology student, teacher or principal.  If you see a copy, don't hesitate to snap it up as they are reported nearly sold out around the state and nation.  

  The Institute for Creation Research Graduate School (ICR-GS) continues to be summarily snubbed by the Governor Perry-appointed Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).  The latest is that an administrative judge has ruled against their application. 

 We call on the THECB to:
  • Stop hiding documents regarding the ICR application,
  • Immediately grant ICR an operating license in Texas, and
  • Promptly refund ICR legal costs in defending their position. 

Information about how you can file your own Public Information Act (PIA) request with the THECB is located online from Greg Abbott's Attorney General's website here or the THECB website here.  It is your right and duty to keep our government checked, and the Texas PIA is a powerful tool to help do so.


You can call the Governor's office at 800-252-9600 or contact them in other ways listed at the Governor's website hereICR's administrative appeal (details here and here). 

More information can be found at the ICR website here or at their "Never Stop Questioning" portal (
click here) that lets one drill down to about any level of detail on many important questions of both science and philosophy.


Liberty Bell
Four separate times in our founding document the Declaration of Independence are references to the Founders' beliefs. 

The Founders declared that they were assuming "...the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them...".

In the Declaration, the founders appealed to "...the Supreme Judge of the world..." and "...with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor."

Perhaps the most cherished sentence in this most important document in the history of man governing man is "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."

They were not shy about stating their beliefs nor did they try to separate them from the government.

Full text of the Declaration of Independence may be found here.
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