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A possible notice for your organization to use below:

Texans Asked to Sign Petition to Teach Evolution Weaknesses 

Do you think Texas students should learn about scientific criticisms of evolution? The Texas State Board of Education  (SBOE) will be adopting  high school biology textbooks this year and the grassroots group Texans for Better Science Education has organized an internet website with information you can use to  help ensure that textbooks are accurate and present the weaknesses as well as the strengths of evolution, as required by existing Texas law.    However, many militant 'teach naturalistic evolution only' groups are trying to pressure the Board to accept textbooks that teach evolution uncritically and with well known scientific errors cited as 'proofs of evolution' . If you support teaching students the weaknesses as well as the strengths of evolution, go to www.strengthsandweaknesses.org and sign the petition.