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Teacher Resources

Click on the links below for various topics of interest.  You can also "search" for topics as you wish throughout the TBSE website here, click on the page of interest, and then "Edit-Find" with the same term for most browsers.  Thank you!

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Weaknesses Discussion - Evolutionists' Quotes Critical of Evolution - Fossil Record Gaps - Darwin's Finches - Haeckels' Embryos - Miller-Urey - Macro vs Micro Evolution -

Historic Quotes and other Quotations

The following links and resources are readily available to assist teachers.  Note that Texans for Better Science Education can also provide speakers who will give PowerPoint-style presentations on weaknesses of evolution statewide, which can be scheduled either during the day or after regular school hours.  Below are Videos, Books, and Web Links that will help students, teachers and administrators explore weaknesses of evolution and one of the greatest controversies of all history.  [Note:  These are not religious and are suitable for classroom use.]

Importantly, please visit www.textaddons.com for criticisms of evolution that are specifically tied to individual textbooks in use around the nation.  This excellent site includes page-referenced errors and alternatives to various topics, i.e. p.456 of Miller-Levine.  For the teacher or student who is using a book that preaches evolution, this site helps one quickly find the more egregious errors and items that go unchallenged in the books and that the students and teachers should be aware of.


While our troops and President Bush are doing all they can to spread freedom throughout the world, it seems that the militant Darwinian - Orwellian "thought police" are alive and well not just in America, but in Washington, D.C. itself!
Wall Street Journal Article here.
Stephen Meyer's peer reviewed article itself  here.

82% of Texans Support Teaching Both "Strengths AND Weaknesses" of Evolution...details here

Open Letter to the State Board of Education here
See what groups (Texas and National) are on our side!

Letter to Texas State Board of Education by Darrell Scott, (father of Columbine High School Victim Rachel Scott), of the organization Columbine Redemption here.

Phyllis Schlafly Article on Ohio Standards here
March 22
Eagle Forum Education Reporter-Missouri and Texas here


Good News from Ohio  March 12
Ohio Adopts "Critical Analysis of Evolution" Curriculum
  March 10
Charles Darwin Knew
  March 1

Ohio to teach "Critical Analysis of Evolution"! details here

Oklahoma votes that evolution is not a fact! (press story details here, full bill text here)
check this out:  Science Excellence For All Ohioans

Supplemental material to assist students, teachers, and parents, tailored to CURRENT textbooks, here.

More Teacher resources coming soon!

TBSE Press Release (Nov 10) here.  Get the real story!
Discovery Institute  Press Release (Nov 7)

Dallas Morning News Editorial Board November 5 editorial here.  A "must read"!

Check our news page here.  

April 1, 2004 National Review Article by Dr. John West here.
Nov. 20 Interview:  Dr. John West and Mrs. Sandy Rios
        of Concerned Women for America here - GREAT!
Focus on the Family Nov 4 article here
October 31 "Scary Characters" article here
Columbine HS shooting connection
Textbook Error: Haeckel's Embryos here
Textbook Error: Fossil Record Gaps here
Textbook Error: Darwin's Finches here

"This right to life cannot be granted or denied by government, because it does not come from government, it comes from the Creator of life."  Audio here.
 - President George W. Bush in signing the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, Nov 5, 2003

News - Videos - Books - Legal - WebLinks


Where Does The Evidence Lead?
- This video modularizes the scientific information from Unlocking the Mystery of Life (UMOL, below) into six individual 10- minute segments/lessons. Where Does The Evidence Lead? summarizes all the materials included in the original UMOL production in a incredibly "easy-to-view" and "easy-to-understand." This student friendly format allows the viewer to quickly view and fully grasp the compelling scientific basis of Intelligent Design
Part 1 LIFE: THE BIG QUESTIONS A new challenge to the theory of natural selection.
Part 2 WHAT DARWIN DIDN'T KNOW Exploring the complexity of the living cell.
Part 3 MOLECULES & MOUSETRAPS Molecular machines that defy Darwin’s theory.
Part 4 HOW DID LIFE BEGIN? Why random mutation and natural selction alone cannot explain the origin of life.
Part 5 THE LANGUAGE OF LIFE DNA genetic information, and life on Earth.
Part 6 THE DESIGN INFERENCE The scientific evidence for intelligent design.

The video includes insightful interviews with leaders and scientists working on and reseraching the scientific theory of Intelligent Design including Paul Nelson, Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, Scott Minnich, William Dembski, Jonathan Wells, Jed Macosko, Dean Kenyon, and Phillip Johnson.

Like UMOL, Where Does the Evidence Lead? uses state-of-the-art computer animation and microscopic photography of living systems to transport the viewer into the interior of the living cell to explore systems and machines that bear the unmistakable hallmarks of design.

If you have already seen Unlocking the Mystery of Life you will not find any new material in Where Does the Evidence Lead?, but you will find a great tool to introduce Intelligent Design in a classroom or small group setting.

Unlocking the Mystery of Life(UMOL)a 58-minute science program exploring what DNA reveals about the origin of life – documents how scientists are abandoning naturalistic explanations for the origin of genetic information and looking to theories of design for answers.

In almost every scientific discipline there is new found evidence that supports the theory of intelligent design. For instance, in molecular biology, the presence of information encoded along the DNA molecule has suggested the activity of a prior designing intelligence and UMOL showcases the progress design scientists are making in this field.

UMOL follows the efforts of contemporary scientists who are advancing a powerful, but controversial, idea -- the scientific theory of "intelligent design. A growing number of scientists around the world no longer believe that natural selection or chemistry, alone, can explain the origins of life. Instead, they think that the microscopic world of the cell provides evidence of purpose and design in nature -- a theory based upon compelling biochemical evidence.

The story begins with a landmark meeting of design theorists assembled by UC Berkeley Law Professor Phillip Johnson in Pajaro Dunes California in 1993. The documentary then follows the development of the intelligent design movement through insightful interviews with key design scientists Paul Nelson, Stephen Meyer, Dean Kenyon, Michael Behe, William Dembski, Jonathan Wells, Jed Macosko and Scott Minnich.

The interviews are brought to life with state-of-the-art computer animation and microscopic photography of living systems. The viewer is transported into the interior of the living cell to explore systems and machines that bear the unmistakable hallmarks of design. Rotary motors that spin at 100,000rpm. A biological information processing system more powerful than any computer network. And, a thread-like molecule that stores instructions to build the essential components of every living organism on earth. Amazing animation footage of the bacterial flagellum provides the viewer with a detailed tour of “the most efficient machine in the universe.”

To date UMOL has aired in every top 20 market in the country including PBS stations in California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington state and Washington, DC.

The Privileged Planet - The late astronomer Carl Sagan spoke for many when he said: “Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark.” The new science documentary “The Privileged Planet,” produced by Illustra Media, challenges this long-standing assumption, boldly argues that Earth is anything but an ordinary planet in an insignificant part of the Milky Way, adrift in a vast and meaningless universe.

Based on the book, “The Privileged Planet: How Our Place in the Cosmos is Designed for Discovery” by Discovery Institute senior fellows Jay Richards and Guillermo Gonzalez, the film explores the many ways in which Earth is ideally suited, not only for complex life, but also for observing the universe around us.

According to Richards and Gonzalez, modern scientific evidence indicates that the many factors that make Earth suitable for complex life also provide the best conditions for astronomical discovery. “The Privileged Planet” explores this intriguing correlation and its implications on our understanding of the origin and purpose of the cosmos.

Utilizing stunning computer animation and the visual archives of NASA, the Hubble Space Telescope Institute, the European Space Agency, and leading observatories throughout the world, this 58-minute film presents a spectacular and uplifting view of our planet, galaxy, and the entire cosmos. The film is narrated by Lord of the Rings actor John Rhys-Davies and features interviews with noted astronomers Robert Jastrow and David Brownlee, and physicist Paul Davies.

Visit http://www.illustramedia.com/pp_prop/ to see the film’s trailer, order the DVD or book, read an excerpt from it, read reviews and endorsements, and find out more about the authors.

Icons of Evolution Video and/or Study Guide

Are students learning the whole truth about Darwin’s theory of evolution?
According to a growing number of scientists, the surprising answer is no.

Some scientists now claim that many of the most famous “Icons of Evolution” –including Darwin’s “Tree of Life, finches from the Galapagos Islands, and embryos that look remarkably similar – are based on outdated research and sloppy logic. Yet these false facts are still being presented in many high school biology textbooks as evidence for the validity of Darwin's theory. Educators agree, saying students are being hurt by the failure to present both sides of the scientific debate over Darwin’s theory.

Come explore this fascinating new conflict over evolution in the classroom–a conflict based on science, not religion. Learn about the controversy that engulfs one town when a teacher actually tries to tell the students that some scientists disagree with Darwin.

From the Galapagos Islands to China, Icons of Evolution will take you on a fast-paced, fascinating journey into one of the most controversial issues in today's public arena.

Running time: approximately 51 minutes. Color. Stereo.

Click here to visit the website for the book Icons of Evolution.

Icons of Evolution Study Guide helps teach students understand both sides of the evolution theories and their problems. The study guide is a curricular supplement for use in conjunction with any high school biology textbook. It helps students learn all the facts about Darwinian evolution, including the evidence that scientifically challenges Darwin's theory.

Icons of Evolution Study Guide, $12.95

If you are interested in ordering Icons of Evolution Study Guide please Discovery Institute book service at 1-800-643-4102.

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Of Pandas and People ( Book) 

This is described by its publisher as a supplement to the high school biology textbooks presenting the scientific rationale for intelligent design as an alternative to Darwinism.  It has been reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Scientific American, Time, Science, and by others.  One of its authors, Dr. Dean Kenyon, formerly wrote the bestselling college level textbook on biochemical evolution, before deciding himself based on the science that life as we know it could not have arisen spontaneously in some primordial soup.

It may be ordered from Amazon.com, the Foundation for Thought and Ethics (fteonline.com), and others.  


Icons of Evolution (Book) 

This book by Dr. Jonathan Wells explodes the validity of nearly all of the so-called proofs of evolution ("icons") that you and I and current generation teachers and all but the very newest textbooks still contain.

The current science on items as diverse as the peppered moth story from Southern England, Haeckel's embryos from the late 1800's, the "stuff of life" Miller-Urey experiment from the 1950s, Darwin's finches, horse 'evolution', four-winged fruit flies, and other examples are exposed.  At best, these "best proofs of evolution" are examples of trivial micro-evolution or simple variation within species such as eye color or hair color.  At worst, they are outright frauds being perpetuated in the classroom to this very day.


Evolution:  A Theory In Crisis (Book)

This book is credited with opening the eyes of many thoroughly indoctrinated evolutionists after first issuing in 1986.  It has been updated at least once since then.  Note that this is technical, not "light" reading, but good high school biology students should do well with it.  It should be required reading for any biology teacher, either high school or college level.


Order at 


More on the way...

News - Videos - Books - Legal - WebLinks


Courts and Creation Rulings - Edwards v. Aguillard
Law and Legal Resources

Can a teacher teach something other than a godless evolution?

Yes.  There is much misinformation being spread by the media, the ACLU, and other groups defending evolution.  A commonly misconception by administrators, teachers, and even parents is that "the Supreme Court has outlawed creation science".  This is unequivocally FALSE information.  What the Supreme Court ruled was that the particular way that a Louisiana law tried to ensure balanced treatment was unconstitutional.  Even in that case, the SCOTUS affirmed the existing rights of teachers to  "supplant the present science curriculum with the presentation of theories, besides evolution, about the origin of life" and that a "law intended to maximize the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of science instruction would encourage the teaching of all scientific theories about human origins." [from Edwards v. Aguillard]. 

Even arch-defenders of evolution E. Scott of the NCSE and Harvard's late Stephen Jay Gould agree with us here.

An excerpt from a recent article addressing this is as follows:

But didn’t the U.S. Supreme Court, in their 1987 ruling on the Louisiana equal time law, which required that the scientific evidence for both creation and evolution be taught, declare that teaching scientific evidence that supports creation in public schools violates separation of church and state and is unconstitutional? Absolutely not. The Supreme Court ruled that the Louisiana law which required that evidence for both be taught was unconstitutional because it was wrongly motivated by members of the Louisiana legislature. The scientific evidence for creation can be taught in science classrooms if this is done voluntarily by teachers without coercion, and without reference to religious literature of any kind. That this is so has been admitted by prominent evolutionists. Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard University stated, “Creationists claim their law broadened the freedom of teachers by permitting the introduction of controversial material. But no statute exists in any state to bar instruction in ‘creation science.’ It could be taught before, and it can be taught now.”1 Eugenie Scott, who heads the anti-creationist organization, National Center for Science Education, stated that “Reports of the death of ‘scientific creationism,’ however, are premature. The Supreme Court decision says only that the Louisiana law violates the constitutional separation of church and state; it does not say that no one can teach scientific creationism—and unfortunately many individual teachers do.”2 In spite of this fact, it is incessantly repeated in newspapers that teaching the scientific evidence for creation in public schools violates the constitution and has been prohibited by the Supreme Court. As a result most educators have accepted this false notion, and it is widely promoted by evolutionists.3

1. New York Times Magazine, July 19, 1987.
2. Nature, vol. 329, p. 282, 1987.
3. Science, Education, and the Subject of Origins
    IMPACT No. 375 September 2004 - by Duane T. Gish
    http://www.icr.org/pubs/imp/imp-375.htm (good article!)


Law, Darwinism, and Public Education (Book)
The Establishment Clause and the Challenge of Intelligent Design

Francis J. Beckwith

"This book is required reading for all public school teachers, administrators, and lawyers who grapple with the teaching of origins in U.S. public schools.  It will also become a standard reference for education policy makers and school boards.  But beyond the legal and policy benefits, this organized and well-referenced book is a valuable resource for all those who want to understand or articulate the history and primary arguments of the Intelligent Design movement." - from the ARN website.  More info here.


Numerous Articles on both legal and science issues related to teaching origins (Excellent!)


Historic Documents

Link to The Federalist Patriot Historic Documents section here


News - Videos - Books - Legal - WebLinks

Web Links

Textbook-specific study guides:

Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture:

Numerous Articles on both legal and science issues related to teaching origins (Excellent!)

TBSE Articles

"Survival of the Fakest" by Dr. Jonathan Wells as it originally appeared in The American Spectator Dec 2000-Jan 2001 here.

Discovery Institute's list of "Essential Reading" here.

Citizens for Scientific Integrity:

CSI's critique of the 2004 edition of Biology by Miller & Levine here  -  Very good look at new "Dragonfly book" that many Texas schools are using.  Pages are referenced to make integration with lesson plans easy for the teacher.

CSI asks the question:  Does the Prentice Hall book teach weaknesses of evolution as the authors assert?  See answers here.

Special Section for Teachers:  National Geographic "Was Darwin Wrong?"  

This is one of the most biased, one-sided promotions of evolution in recent memory.  However, they do point out on page 25 that only 0.1% of the presumed tree of life fossils have been found!

For rebuttals online, try:

Discovery Institute's Dr. Jonathan Wells here
ICR's Bill Hoesch here
AIG's Dr. Terry Mortenson here

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